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State Food and Veterinary Service

The State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) develops and implements the Government’s policy in food safety and quality as well as in animal health and welfare. The SFVS is accountable to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.
The inspectors from 10 SFVS Departments and 33 Units of the SFVS Departments control more than 140 thousand economic entities: trade and catering enterprises, producers of animal and non-animal food, dairy farms, animal housing, feed, veterinary medicine producing companies, etc. Every year, about 47 thousand inspections are conducted, over 4 thousand consumer complaints are examined and more than 4 thousand consultations are made.

One of the most important goals of the SFVS is to bring only safe and high-quality food to the consumer's table. So, more than 1 million laboratory tests are performed and about 90 thousand consignments imported into the EU, as well as in transit and stored in the customs warehouses are checked.

The SFVS is active in the fight against animal contagious diseases, pays a lot of attention to animal welfare, as it directly determines not only the quality of animal food, but also affects the economy of Lithuania and the export of Lithuanian food to other countries.

The colleagues from various foreign countries take over the experience and knowledge gained by the SFVS specialists. Each year, up to 10 European Union and third-country delegations visit the SFVS to improve their skills.

The delegations from the European Union, the European Commission, the European Food Safety Authority and third countries regularly come to discuss the prospects for cooperation.

The SFVS heads and specialists organise the conferences for entrepreneurs and colleagues, also actively communicate with students.