SFVS is a multiple partner of the EU Twinning projects

The European Commission has prepared a report on the EU Twinning Program for the year of 2017. The report mentions a successful implementation of the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) project in Ukraine "Assistance with the implementation of SPS commitments under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement". During the project, all planned tasks - harmonized national legislation in accordance with the EU requirements in the fields of animal health and welfare, slaughter and transportation, and the control of animal by-products - were implemented. The Ukrainians very much appreciated the experience sharing and goodwill by the SFVS specialists.

As one of the responses to be quoted in this report is a gratitude for Lithuanian specialists by the Head of the International Affairs and European Integration Department of the Ukrainian State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Olena Kuriata on the successful implementation of the project, which "has set the stage for 55 legal acts in the fields of animal welfare and health, transportation and slaughter as well as other areas. The specialists of the Ukrainian laboratory have also broadened their knowledge in the research on residues of animal food products, strengthened their abilities to deal with food safety issues.

"We can only be glad that the project implemented by the SFVS in the report is mentioned among the most successful ones. These projects are essential for the development and maintenance of international cooperation between veterinary services, by making the international experience deeper and educating the specialists for higher professional knowledge. We aim to involve as many SFVT specialists as possible to participate in projects, as not only our colleagues from foreign countries gain the experience, but we also find more possibilities to test our abilities. This is a path of consolidating knowledge, comparing veterinary control systems, looking for more diverse ways of solving problems", – said Darius Remeika, the Director of the SFVS.

At present, the SFVS, together with partners from Sweden and Latvia, implements the EU-funded two-year Twinning project in Moldova "Support to the National Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Moldova".

The SFVS, as a leader or junior partner, has implemented 8 Twinning projects in Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia and 3 EU-funded technical assistance projects in Belarus, Serbia and Ukraine.