• 2019 m. March 15 d.

    On 14 March, a closing meeting of the EU Twinning Project “Support to the National Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Moldova“ took place in Chisinau (the Republic of Moldova). This 27-month project was run by the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania (SFVS) jointly with junior partners from Latvia and Sweden.

  • 2019 m. January 16 d.

    On 14 January, Mr. Darius Remeika, Director of the State Food and Veterinary Service of Lithuania and Dr. Paweł Niemczuk, Head of the competent veterinary authority of Poland, had a technical meeting to discuss the requirements and conditions for bilateral trade in live pigs.

  • 2018 m. December 03 d.

    The manual “African swine fever: detection and diagnosis” for veterinarians written by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has already been translated into the Lithuanian language.

  • 2018 m. November 16 d.

    This week, three experts from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of South Korea will be conducting audit in the field of control on poultry meat and its products. This audit is an important step in coordinating the permissions for Lithuanian poultry establishments to export their production to South Korea.

  • 2018 m. November 14 d.

    The State Food and Veterinary Service has received information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan that the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute had been included in the list of accredited laboratories where the analysis for the effectiveness of vaccination against rabies can be performed for pet animals to be transported to Japan.

  • 2018 m. November 08 d.

    The State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) hereby informs that pursuant to Article 14(7) of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Budgetary Institutions and Resolution No 1036 of the Government of Lithuania of 10 October 2018 “On the agreement to reorganise the State Animal Breeding Supervision Service under the Ministry of Agriculture”, the State Animal Breeding Supervision Service under the Ministry of Agriculture (SABSS) shall be reorganised and incorporated into the SFVS, which will take over all the rights and duties of the SABSS.

  • 2018 m. October 16 d.

    On 16 October, the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) jointly with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) are organising an international conference “One world – one health. Zoonoses and good practice” in Vilnius.

  • 2018 m. October 04 d.

    Veterinary experts from the Veterinary Faculty of Ljubljana University (Slovenia) are visiting Lithuania this week. The purpose of the visit is to get acquainted with the measures applied in the fight against African swine fever (ASF), control requirements, monitoring and eradication plans used in Lithuania.

  • 2018 m. October 04 d.

    The State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) draws the attention of food manufacturers to the fact that there are several fundamental inaccuracies in the translation into the Lithuanian language of Commission Regulation (EU) No 2017/2158, which entered into force throughout the European Union (EU) on 11th of April 2018, establishing mitigation measures and benchmark levels for the reduction of the presence of acrylamide in food (hereinafter – Regulation).

  • 2018 m. October 03 d.

    The State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) will join the European Commission initiative of “e-dogs and cats”. The control authorities of Member States participating in this initiative will coordinate the control of websites operating in their countries, offering dogs and cats for sale.