Temporary procedure for pet animals entering Lithuania from Ukraine (updated with links)

In view of the situation developing in Ukraine and possible entrance of war refugees the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) simplifies entry of pet animals: dogs, cats, or ferrets. Pets arriving with their owners, if necessary, will be vaccinated against rabies, microchipped, and their isolation will be facilitated. All the information regading pets from Ukraine will be provided via E-mail [email protected]

“We cannot be unconcerned about the people running from this horrible situation. Many of Ukrainians will be traveling with their beloved pets, so we will help to find them the safest shelter.  This is a big challenge firstly for Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, the countries that form the external EU border with Ukraine, which are primarily responsible for the entry of pets into the EU. We are taking some necessary measures in Lithuania because Ukrainian war refugees, could also enter our country not only from the EU countries, so we need to ensure that entrance of the pets would be safe and they will not bring rabies,” – told the director of the SFVS Mantas Staškevičius.

According to the director, those Ukrainian citizens whose pets are properly marked, vaccinated, have a valid animal passport, and meet all the requirements for bringing pets into the EU can cross the state border in the usual way. However, animals coming from Ukraine that are not microchipped or have not been vaccinated against rabies will be marked and vaccinated on the spot, and their isolation conditions will be facilitated.

“In constant consultation with the EU institutions, we make the decisions that are necessary to respond to the current situation and to ensure the control of infectious diseases. By cooperating in an agreed and coordinated manner, we aim to solve the problems that arise quickly and efficiently, and to ensure the safety and health of the people and pet animals. We inform the public about the changes,” – told M. Staškevičius.

At the same time, the director of the SFVS notes that these changes to the import procedures of pet animals into the EU apply exclusively to Ukrainian citizens and not to legal entities such as sellers or breeders, and the arrangements for the commercial import procedures of pet animals into the EU thus far remain unchanged.

For more details and updates check on special SFVS section