The SFVS started implementation of one more EU twinning project in Moldova

In September, the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS), in consortium with three institutions from Europe, started implementation of an EU twinning project for further support of the Republic of Moldova. This is a large-scale project on the development and strengthening of agriculture, rural development and food safety, which is implemented by the SFVS jointly with colleagues from “Agrarmarkt“ (AMA) in Austria and the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARMA) in Poland.

The project will last for three years. The implementing institutions will work in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of Moldova (MARDE), the Agency for Intervention and Payments in Agriculture (AIPA) and the National Food Safety Agency (ANSA).

The major objective of the twinning project is to support and to provide assistance in the development of an effective legal and institutional system for agriculture and rural areas in Moldova this way contributing to the sustainable development of agriculture, management of climate change effects and general transformations in the country. The aim is to improve the national legal regulation of food safety, official control in the animal and animal origin food sectors creating possibilities for producers of animal origin products in Moldova to get entitled for export of their production to the EU Member States as well as other countries.

In the words of Director of the SFVS Mr Darius Remeika, significant initial steps had already been taken under the twinning projects previously implemented by the SFVS. Institutions in Moldova are provided actual opportunities to consolidate institutional capacities available at different institutions and to clearly define the scopes of food safety management, building the policy of agriculture and rural development, policy implementation, control, monitoring and assessment by separating powers and functions and, at the same time, encouraging the cooperation.

“I believe that we have a good example of such cooperation in Lithuania. This is the cooperation between the SFSV, the National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture and the public institution Rural Business and Market Development Agency. For example, if a farmer applies for support for investments into tangible assets, processing of agricultural products, marketing or development, three state institutions act in cooperation, exchange information and data of registers, conducts inspections, provide conclusions of their assessment, etc. Processes within institutions are speedy and effective so that support to farmers is provided in a responsible and professional manner. I am sure that the longtime experience of the SFVS in expanding export markets and participating in different projects will help specialists of the beneficiary institutions to make an assessment of their legal documents, principles of organising the official control as well as different aspects of implementation of monitoring plans with the assessment of the compliance of animal origin food processing plants with EU food safety requirements”, – said Mr D. Remeika, Director of the SFVS.

Experts of the SFVS, in the process of the implementation of project activities, will help ANSA in Moldova to implement provisions of requirements of EU legislation in the animal and animal origin food sectors. Furthermore, they will share information and provide recommendations for obtaining permissions to export poultry meat and composite products containing milk or meat products into EU Member States and other countries. Training both for ANSA specialists and representatives of business operators are planned under the project. Methodological assistance will be also provided to the major food safety laboratory of Moldova (Centrul Respublican de Diagnostica Veterinara).