SFVS Documents and Services can be Ordered under the IMVIS

The State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) started providing public services in electronic environment – Integrated Food and Veterinary Information System (IMVIS). Documents issued by the SFVS, its territorial units, border inspection posts and National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute can be ordered and received without leaving home. It is convenient to pay the automatically generated invoices for public services rendered by the SFVS through the IMVIS.

With the help of the IMVIS you can:

1. Adjust details of an activity carried out by a person or entity subject to SFVS control.

2. Find information about findings of inspections carried out by the SFVS at a specific establishment.

3. Order public services rendered by the SFVS, observe their performance, observe the history of documents issued by the SFVS and laboratory analyses carried out.

4. Print out documents issued by the SFVS.

5. Enter laboratory testing results for public drinking water supplies.

6. Have access to latest information on legal acts adopted by the SFVS and their amendments.

A module of the Geographic Information System was installed in the IMVIS, which enables:

1. Viewing the wellfield map and published laboratory analyses results for drinking water.

2. Finding information on infected herds of animals and protection zones.

3. Following information on animals that were diagnosed with infectious diseases.

4. Finding out the health status of your cattle herd and data of analyses.

IMVIS has a useful and technologically new property – a newly developed semantic search module, which, compared to the usual search for information on the internet, enables finding SFVS activity-related information significantly faster and easier.

Furthermore, with the help of modern technologies (e. g. smart phones) IMVIS users can conveniently and rapidly contact the SFVS and other control institutions, receive prompt answers to questions whereas the integration of the IMVIS with information systems of other state institutions enables the SFVS managing common tasks and solving arising problems more rapidly and effectively.

You can sign in to the IMVIS at https://imvis.vmvt.lt/