Researchers invite the hunters to the meetings to discuss relevant AFS control issues

African swine fever (ASF) has been already circulating in Lithuania for seven years and continues to cause significant losses and concern to pig keepers, hunters as well as state control authorities. Thus, in addressing the challenges of ASF and carrying out the effective disease surveillance and control, it is essential to exchange experiences researchers need the support of hunters, which is important in finding the best scientific and practical ways to stop the spread of ASF and combat the disease.

The ASF research experts in Lithuania, together with a team of scientists from other countries, will start organising the meetings with hunters in September, during which they will seek to find out the motivation and opportunities of hunters to fight this viral disease in pigs and boars more effectively. With the help of hunters, it is planned to conduct an interactive research covering all counties of Lithuania. This study will take about two months and will take place in working groups, involving 4–6 hunters to discuss ASF control measures. In order to meet with hunters, the scientists will travel to every region of the country.

The researchers plan to meet with representatives of hunters from all Lithuanian counties. It is planned that during these meetings, the hunters will not only be able to discuss the control measures of ASF, but also learn other information relevant to them.

According to the researchers of the African Swine Fever Competence Center of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, the problem of ASF remains a priority issue both for Lithuania and other EU countries. It is therefore expected that the active involvement and participation of hunters will lead to more effective control measures for this disease and will contribute to ensuring that the monitoring of ASF meets the needs and capabilities of all.

The hunters willing to participate in the meetings with the scientists are invited to actively register by filling in the form available on the following link