Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

The system operates in all RASFF member states and contact points functioning in the European Commission (contact persons), which are intended for the exchange of information on any threat to health. This is a 24-hour service, which allows sending and receiving alert notifications of unsafe food or feed as well as replying to them in the shortest possible time.

When a health hazard is revealed, RASFF allows urgently and efficiently exchange information between the European Commission, Member States, food and feed control institutions and organisations. Therefore, countries can act promptly and in a well coordinated manner in order to prevent the risk of food safety before any damage to consumers is caused. All the 27 EU Member States including the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority are RASFF members. Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway are also part of the RASFF system.


Alert notifications, which shall be sent when food or feed that pose a serious threat to consumers are on the market and urgent actions must be taken.

Information notifications shall be used in similar situations, however, when other member are not obliged to take any urgent actions because the product is not on the market or it is considered that there is no serious hazard.

Border rejection related to unsafe food or feed consignments (batches), which were checked on the external border of the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA) and detained.

Any information related to food and feed safety, which has been sent as an alert or information notification and which is supposed to be interesting to control authorities, shall be communicated to the members as the News.