The killing of pigs was completed in the ASF outbreak of Molėtai district during the weekend: over 8.5 thousand pigs were destroyed

The specialists of the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) carried out the eradication of the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak, confirmed in a pig farm of Molėtai district (Čiulėnai sub-district), even during the weekend. In total, 8555 pigs were killed in the pig farm belonging to the company UAB „Takažolė“ (Toliejai village, Molėtai district).

The processes of animal killing are controlled by the official veterinarians. Most of the carcasses have already been taken to the utilisation plant for safe disposal, and the rest is planned to be taken today.

In the coming days, the disinfection of the farm and vehicles will be performed in the farm territory. All the transport means that have been used for the eradication of the ASF outbreak are disinfected. After the disinfection, they will all be additionally washed, cleaned and disinfected before leaving the farm. The preparations are also being made for the destruction of feed, medicines and other hazardous waste, work boots, overalls, gloves, etc.

"We are devoting all our forces to the elimination of the first ASF outbreak in a pig farm of our country this year. The formed groups of specialists are maximally equipped with the necessary protection measures for the COVID-19 and work without counting the efforts and working hours. We aim to eradicate the outbreak of ASF as soon as possible and eliminate the threat of the virus spreading. The experts conducting the epizootic investigation also analyse the data from the selected samples and seek to determine the timing, causes, and routes of the ASF virus entry into the farm. In accrodance with the preliminary data, the disease on the farm was detected in the early stage”, – commented Darius Remeika, the Director of the SFVS.