Foodstuffs in Lithuania and Germany: the same trademark, different composition

On 19 September, a study carried out by the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS), which has revealed differences in composition of foodstuffs produced by renowned manufacturers and bought in Lithuania and Germany, will be presented at the Ministry of Agriculture.

The laboratory analysis of 33 kinds of foodstuffs established that 23 out of them differed not only as regards their composition but also as regards their taste, colour or consistency. Minister for Agriculture Mr. Bronius Markauskas has referred to the situation like this as “unsavoury” and intends to work jointly with other countries, which had carried out similar analyses, and the European Commission to achieve a single food mark from the point of view of quality as well. “If a consumer buys a foodstuff, which is renown all over the European Union, it is natural that he/she expects to receive the same product from Vilnius to Lisbon and this has to be ensured by manufacturers”, – says Mr. B. Markauskas.

“In accordance with the survey carried out by the SFVS, as many as 8 persons out of 10 surveyed think that consumers in Lithuania are discriminated. I would like to emphasise that formally from the legal point of view all these products are in conformity with their composition and labelling requirements, however, the fact that differences were identified for nearly 70 per cent of the analysed products shows that this issue must be further analysed and the analyses must be expanded”, – says Mr. Darius Remeika, Director of the SFVS.

On 19 September 2017 (Tuesday), at 9 o’clock, mass media representatives are invited to journalist breakfast at the Ministry of Agriculture (Hall 293 on the first floor) where comprehensive results of the study will be presented. Minister for Agriculture Mr. Bronius Markauskas, Director of the SFVS Mr Darius Remeika and Deputy Head of the Food Department of the SFVS Ms Loreta Mačytė are going to participate.