Exports of Lithuanian cheese products grew tenfold

After the evaluation of the export data on animal food products collected by the State Food and Veterinary Service (hereinafter – SFVS) for the three quarters of this year, there was recorded the overall export growth of 12%. During the nine months of this year, there were exported 23 thousand tonnes more than in the same period last year. In total, Lithuanian producers exported more than 191 thousand tonnes of animal food products to non-EU countries during the three quarters of this year.

The maximum 20 % growth of exports is shown by the export of fish and fish products. They were exported to non-EU countries mostly from all groups of animal food products, i. e. more than 90 thousand tonnes and it amounted to almost 20 thousand tonnes more than in the same period last year. The main export market in the fisheries sector remains Ukraine.

Poultry (over 6.3 thousand tonnes) accounted for the largest quantities of exported meat (Vietnam remained the main export country), as well as beef (over 2.7 thousand tonnes), which was mainly exported to Norway, and compared to the same period last year there was a double jump of pork - almost 300 tonnes being exported, with the largest quantities found in the Republic of the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire). A total of over 1 thousand meat products were exported – most of the products of our country's producers were imported from Tajikistan (over 400 tonnes), in the second position – the USA (almost 150 tonnes).

"We hope that the veterinary certificate for the exports of salmonids to Australia, harmonised by the SFVS this month, will contribute to even greater growth in exports of fish and fish products in the near future. At the moment, our expectations are quite high in the direction of the USA. We expect that the bilateral meetings of the competent authorities in Washington and Chicago this week will speed up the harmonisation of export authorisations for egg products and the expansion of the range of meat products, which will open additional opportunities for the country's exporters to strengthen or establish new trade relations with the USA", – commented the SFVS Director Mantas Staškevičius.

Milk producers have maintained a stable 6 % growth of exports, more than 87 thousand tonnes of milk and milk products were exported, i. e. over 5 thousand tonnes more than in the same period last year. Comparing the exported quantities, the largest export volumes belong to milk powder (over 24 thousand tonnes), cheeses (over 21 thousand tonnes) and canned milk (over 13 thousand tonnes). The main export markets in the dairy sector remain Libya, China, Malaysia, Israel. Besides, there is a growing trend noticeable in milk exports to Japan and India. Also, while evaluating the third quarter of this year, a sharp increase in exports of cheese products is observed, the exported quantities were almost 10 times higher (exported over 11 thousand tonnes) than in the same period last year.

According to the quantities of products of animal origin exported to non-EU countries during the three quarters of this year, there were exported over 1.2 thousand tonnes of culinary products, i. e. almost 500 tonnes more than last year at the same time. The main directions of culinary products remain Russia, Ukraine, Japan and China. During the three quarters of 2021, there were exported over 300 tonnes egg products. The most popular export destinations – Japan, Qatar, Vietnam. Honey was mainly exported to the USA market, but this sector is also actively interested in new countries, where export certificates are expected to be harmonised soon, and thus greater possibilities to be opened up for Lithuanian honey producers.