Exchange of experience with colleagues from Moldova

Representatives of the National Agency for Food (ANSA) of the Republic of Moldova are visiting the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) this week.

The SFVS experts demonstrate the system ensuring food safety and veterinary controls in Lithuania to the colleagues attending study visits here and help them to prepare for the audits of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) on the compliance of poultry, poultry products and eggs with the requirements of the European Union (EU) and on residues of veterinary medicinal products, contaminants in live animals and food of animal origin, including controls on veterinary medicinal products.

The guests will learn more about the official controls carried out by the SFVS, the operation of the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute that performs risk assessment in the fields of food and veterinary, conducts food and veterinary studies, and performs scientific risk analysis.

During the visit, the Moldovan delegation will also visit several Lithuanian establishments, which operate in the fields of broiler rearing, poultry slaughter and poultry processing, manufacture of egg products, processing salmon products, and frozen culinary products.

The SFVS has been cooperating with the Moldovan ANSA specialists for a number of years. Being an important partner, the SVFS was opted for the implementation of the two-year EU twinning project “Further support to agriculture, rural development and food safety in the Republic of Moldova” (MD 16 ENI AG 01 19 (MD/37)).

The junior manager of the twin project and Deputy Director of the SFVS Vidmantas Paulauskas comments on the results of the project, “The first year of the project was truly intense. SFVS experts took part in as many as 22 remote missions, official controls on establishments of food of animal origin, and trainings for state inspectors were organised during the further 7 outbound missions. The SFVS, together with ANSA staff, carried out inspections of slaughterhouses and poultry processing plants, egg packing centres, establishments with laying hens and broilers, ice-cream production facilities. Thus, this visit in Lithuania bears importance in practical terms of presenting our country’s businesses that comply with EU requirements and successfully export their production to non-EU countries."

According to the Deputy Director, such projects provide mutual benefits, ensure close cooperation between the veterinary services of both countries and enhance international experience.

Currently, in addition to the Moldovan project, the SFVS is running two other projects: the Technical Assistance to Support EU - Health of Ethiopian Animals for Rural Development project in Ethiopia in collaboration with Belgian and Swiss colleagues and a EU Twinning project to share expertise quality control standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The latter is being implemented together with partners from Italy and Hungary.

The SFVS as a leader or as a partner has already successfully implemented a total of 9 Twinning projects in Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, and 3 other EU-funded technical assistance projects in Belarus, Serbia and Ukraine.