EU helps BiH food safety system advance in European Standards

The progress of the European Union (EU) funded twinning project "EU support to capacity building and gradual Union acquis alignment in the food safety sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina" was discussed at the 2nd meeting of the Steering Committee on 16th of March 2021.

Team of experts from Lithuania, Italy and Hungary, although remotely due to the current Covid situation, met their colleagues in Bosnia and Hercegovina to discuss the activities performed and the achievements reached during the first half-year of the project. During this period, the joint expert groups were able to assess a large number of legislative acts in BiH and make recommendations on how to align it with the Union acquis. In this way, a basis for further development of the project activities, helping the competent authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to develop an effective food safety system, was provided.

The project will follow up on the findings of various gap analyses carried out, further work on legislative improvements and risk assessment plans together with Beneficiary institutions and provide for trainings, like those for official inspectors and food business operators etc. in the next period.

The Twinning project is funded by the European Union in the amount of 1,5 million EUR and it is implemented by a consortium led by Lithuania, with their partners from Italy and Hungary. The beneficiary country is represented by the BIH Food Safety Agency, in cooperation with the competent authorities of the Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska, and Brčko District of BiH. The project provides for a review of Bosnia and Herzegovina's food safety legislation and its gradual alignment with the EU acquis, strengthening the institutional capacity of national competent authorities to carry out official food safety controls and enhancing the system for the approval of national products as protected designations of origin, products with protected geographical indications or traditional specialities guaranteed. The project lasts for three years (2020-2023).