The ASF Manual for veterinarians is available in the Lithuanian language

The manual “African swine fever: detection and diagnosis” for veterinarians written by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has already been translated into the Lithuanian language.

The objective of this manual is to provide information to veterinarians, veterinary assistants and staff of diagnostic laboratories to enable them to diagnose African swine fever (ASF) in due time and respond to outbreaks of the disease or individual cases. Furthermore, pig producers, hunters and foresters will also find useful information in this manual.

General details on this disease and its causes, including epizootology, modes of transmission and geographical distribution are provided in the Manual. Information on ASF detection and diagnosis – from field diagnosis (clinical signs, autopsy data and differential diagnosis) to laboratory confirmation (all major analysis methods for the virus and antibodies) is chronologically provided in the Manual. Recommendations on how to select samples, how to pack them and transport them to the laboratory as well as emergency actions to be performed in a pig house upon suspicion of an outbreak of the disease are provided.

African swine fever is a contagious viral disease, which infects pigs of any age and which causes a haemorrhagic fever. The disease usually has an acute form and up to 100 % of infected pigs die. There is no effective vaccine or method of treatment, therefore, early detection of the virus and prompt reaction to outbreaks of the disease are crucial. Major role in this matter is played by veterinarians and other specialists who are the first to encounter with this disease.

The Manual in the electronic form can be downloaded at the following link: