Prevention of Corruption

Formation of an anti-corruption environment in SFVS

Anti-corruption policy

The following anti-corruption policy of State Food and Veterinary Service and its annexes have been approved by the Order No B1-489 of the Director of the State Food and Veterinary Service of 15.06.2021 “On approval of the anti-corruption policy of the State Food and Veterinary Service”:

1. Guidelines on transparent conduct for civil servants of the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) and SFVS staff working under an employment contract. The Guidelines on transparent conduct set out the principles of conduct of SFVS employees, which, in performance of their duties, must be followed by SFVS staff who are offered gifts, face possible criminal acts of corrupt nature in the SFVS or receive information thereon; also recommendations on the ways of dealing with corruption manifestations by SFVS staff are presented.

2. Description of the procedure for the transfer, evaluation, accounting, storage and display of gifts received by the State Food and Veterinary Service in accordance with the international protocol or tradition, representative and unlawful gifts. The SFVS follows a “0 gifts” policy, which means that SFVS staff receive a salary in the performance of their duties and are not entitled to receive any additional remuneration. Only gifts made in accordance with the Law on the Coordination of Public and Private Interests (hereinafter – the Law) may be accepted by the SFVS staff; however, in such a case the Internal Investigation Division of the SFVS must be informed of such donation, and shall submit the received gift for evaluation to the State Food and Veterinary Service Assessment Commission of the representative and unlawful gifts received in accordance with the international protocol or tradition (hereinafter – the Commission). If the SFVS employee is offered a gift outside the scope of the Law, such gift must be refused/returned to the donor, informing the SFVS Internal Investigations Division, or, if the return of the gift is not possible, the received gift must be handed over to the Internal Investigations Division of the SFVS.

3. The Procedure for the supervision of lobbying activities in the State Food and Veterinary Service, which regulates the procedure for declaring and supervising lobbying activities by SFVS civil servants and SFVS staff working under an employment contract who are involved in the preparation, consideration and adoption of draft legislation in accordance with their official functions.

The anti-corruption policy of the State Food and Veterinary Service reinforces the position of the SFVS zero tolerance against corruption, defines measures to manage corruption risks within the Office, establishes the main principles and requirements for corruption prevention and sets guidelines for ensuring compliance with them.

By implementing the anti-corruption policy the SVFS commits :

1. Not to accept unethical behaviour, unlawful gifts, nepotism, conflicts of interest, bribery, corruption, trading in influence, abuse and other corruption offences or less dangerous forms of corruption.

2. To comply with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania on the prevention of corruption.

Trust line

The Line serves as means to report unlawful acts or omissions which may be planned, in the process of being committed or that have been committed by civil servants or employees working under an employment contract for the SFVS and the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute (NFVRAI) (hereinafter – employees), also any of their improper performance of duties, misuse of powers, conflicts of public and private interests, or actions with the characteristics of a criminal offence of a corrupt nature (hereinafter – Infringements).

If you wish to report an employee infringement (anonymously or not), please notify:

  • By filling in a form;
  • By filling in a form (available for download in.docx format) and submitting it to; via post (Siesikai 19, Vilnius), or directly to the SFVS competent entity (Internal Investigation Division);
  • By calling a 24/7 free trust line (+370 00 40 403) with automatic response and message recording (no caller number will be recorded, message records of maximum 3 minutes)

When calling the SFVS trust line, please provide the most accurate information possible:

  • Concerning the employee whose unlawful conduct is being complained of (name, last name, functions (if known), other information);
  • Concerning the specific infringement complained of, the underlying circumstances (place, time of the infringement, briefly describe its nature). If available, please provide supporting documents and/or other evidence).

Reports submitted by the trust line shall be examined in accordance with the procedure laid down in Order No B1-487 of 30 June 2020 of the Director of State Food and Veterinary Service “On Approval of the procedure for submitting infringements to the State Food and Veterinary Service and ther examination procedure“.

Cases of corruption can also be reported to the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania.

The SFVS notes that the laws of the Republic of Lithuania prohibit defamation or false accusation of another person in committing a crime. Legal liability applies for such actions.