Agreement to improve co-operation on animal welfare issues

On 24 October, at the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS), representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Police Department under the Ministry of Interior, Municipalities and the Association of Municipal Controllers discussed the improvement of the cooperation between state and municipal institutions in the area of dealing with the issues of animal keeping, animal welfare and safety.

During the meeting, the problems of mutual cooperation arising in the process of dealing with animal keeping and animal welfare issues were discussed, the participants shared good practices in controlling the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Animal Welfare and Safety. The problems of veterinary aid to discovered injured animals, care for stray animals, their confiscation as well as other problems were discussed.

According to SFVS specialists, there are frequent disagreements in actual life on which institution has to deal with the investigation of complaints related to undue keeping of animals in residential areas of municipalities. The participants came to consensus that a governmental approach and closer cooperation is required in the process of solving animal welfare issues, therefore, a single procedure laying down obligations and responsibilities of each responsible institution or establishment has to be drafted. Furthermore, the opinion that a single pet animal information register has to be developed in Lithuania was supported.

The participants admitted that the qualification of persons responsible for those issues has to be improved, assistance has to be provided to them in identifying violations of animal welfare conditions.