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Embassy of Kazakhstan: Lithuanian Agriculture and Food Industry is a Model for Us


Yesterday, on 20 November, on the invitation of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) representatives of Lithuanian food industry associations and individual manufacture businesses discussed opportunities for the development of mutual business relations.

2014-11-21 / General

Urgent Problems and their Solution at the International Conference


Today (19 November), major problems related to child nutrition and catering at educational establishments have been highlighted at the international conference “Child Nutrition and Health” organised by the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS). Reasons and consequences of children’s obesity have been discussed, data on nutrition in the European Union have been compared. Practices in the field of healthy eating education in Germany, Finland, Latvia and Sweden have been presented.

2014-11-19 / General

Export Opportunities for Products of Animal Origin have been Discussed with Representatives from Brazil


Today, a delegation of specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply of the Federative Republic of Brazil has paid a visit to the State Food and Veterinary Service. This has been a two-day study visit organised by the Directorate-General for Trade of the European Commission during which opportunities for the export of products of animal origin from Lithuania to Brazil have been discussed.

2014-11-06 / General

Issues Related to the Welfare of Fur Animals have been Diccussed


Today (5 November), issues related to health and welfare of fur animals have been discussed at the State Food and Veterinary Service. The meeting has been attended by the member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania R. Sargūnas, representatives of the European Law Department, Lithuanian Fur-Farming Association, Lithuanian Fur Animal and Rabbit Growers‘ Society, Association of Traditional and Responsible Animal Raising Business as well as fur farmers.

2014-11-05 / General

SFVS specialists shared advanced staff management practices


The State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) pays a lot of attention to advanced staff management developments: analyses the aspirations of newly accepted staff and the feedback provided by the staff leaving the job, applies contemporary adaptation methods for newly accepted staff, and is building a warm and confidence-based culture in the organization. On 15 October this year, specialists from different state institutions had an opportunity to get familiar with the staff management practices applied in the SFVS. They were invited to the SFVS by the Civil Service Department to share the good practice. This is not the first time the event like this, which is becoming a nice tradition, has been organised.

2014-10-17 / General

Other Countries Learn from Lithuanians how to Simplify Requirements for Small Businesses


The European Commission (EC) supports small producers and family farms and encourages the EU Member States to simplify to a maximum possible degree requirements of different regulations for small businesses. As the procedures for setting up small food processing businesses were simplified in Lithuania already a few year ago the EC entrusted Lithuania and the Italian company “Opera” with organising the training for specialists from European countries ”Simplified Requirements Applicable to Small Businesses”.

2014-10-17 / General

Specialists from Asia got Introduced to the Experience in Lithuania


On 6–9 October this year, Dr Vidmantas Paulauskas, Deputy Director of the State Food and Veterinary Service visited Mongolia where he made a presentation at an international conference held in the capital Ulan Bator on the official food and veterinary control and implementation of veterinary sanitary and phytosanitary measures.

2014-10-14 / General
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