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Lithuanian Fishery Products will Go to Brazil


There is good news for manufacturers of fishery product in Lithuania – the Brazilian market is opening up for their production. Head of the Sanitary and Phytosanutary Negotiation Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply of Brazil informed the State Food and Veterinary Service about that on 3 April 2015.

2015-04-03 / General

An International Mission of Veterinary Experts is Visiting Lithuania on the Issue of African Swine Fever


This week, on 30 March–3 April, a group of veterinary experts is visiting Lithuania to assess the application of prevention and control requirements against African swine fever (ASF) in Lithuania.

2015-04-01 / General

According to the Israeli Ambassador the Requirements for Manufacturing Kosher Foods are Exclusive, However, they are Achievable


On 3 March this year, the Israeli Ambassador to Lithuania Mr Amir Maimon visited the State Food and Veterinary Service.

2015-03-31 / General

Development of Cooperation between Lithuania and Japan


Last week, a Lithuanian delegation met representatives of the Animal Health Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan in Tokyo and discussed the possibilities of cooperation in the field of agriculture for the two countries.

2015-03-09 / General

Lithuania has been Acknowledged as a Country Officially Free from Bovine Tuberculosis


On 5 March 2015, the European Commission adopted a decision to acknowledge Lithuania as a country free from bovine tuberculosis. This decision acknowledged that the programme for the recognition of the status of cattle herds free from diseases carried out in Lithuania for nearly 2 decades had been completed successfully.

2015-03-06 / General

The Geographical Scope of Lithuanian Food Export is Continually Increasing


The possibilities for Lithuanian farmers and businessmen for the export of animal origin products are expanding. The State Food and Veterinary Service has received a confirmation that the shipment of Lithuanian beef meat and its products to Bosnia and Herzegovina henceforth was authorised. This has been the second favourable signal this week for the companies searching for new markets.

2015-03-04 / General

A Delegation of Responsible Specialists from Morocco is visiting the State Food and Veterinary


This week, a delegation of responsible specialists (4 persons) from Morocco is performing an assessment at the State Food and Veterinary Service of the official food and veterinary control carried out in Lithuania, it is visiting different establishments within the food chain. One of the key objectives of the visit is the discussion of possibilities for the export of beef meat and beef products to Morocco.

2015-03-03 / General
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