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State Food and Veterinary Service is Looking Forward to Receiving Delegations from Russia, Georgia, Serbia and the European Commission


From 16 to 20 June next week, delegations from three countries will be visiting the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS). Auditors from the Food and Veterinary Office of the European Commission to assess the efficiency of the official control system for animal by-products will arrive as well.

2014-06-10 / General

Lithuania has been acknowledged as free of the plague of small ruminants


On the 27th of May, during the 82nd General session of the World Organization of Animal Health (WOAH) in Paris, Lithuania has been acknowledged as free of small ruminants (sheep and goats) plague according to Terrestrial Animal Health Code of WOAH.

2014-06-02 / General

Spring vaccination campaign against rabies in wild animals completed


The State Food and Veterinary Service informs that on 21th of May, the spring campaign of oral vaccination of wildlife against rabies was completed in Lithuania. Dispersal of baits with rabies vaccine from aircrafts was started on 11 April in the coastal Klaipėda area. Vaccination has been carried out throughout the territory of Lithuania and concerning of good weather conditions has been finished earlier than were scheduled.

2014-05-23 / General

Searching for a Recipe, which could Encourage Lithuanians to Eat Healthy


Dr Jonas Milius, Director of the state Food and Veterinary Service, has pointed out at the conference ”Health and Nutrition of the Population in Lithuania”, which has taken place today (23 May) in the Seimas, that the Scandinavian countries, which had made a decision that in five years nearly all the foodstuffs available on the retail market were organic, should serve as an example for us.

2014-05-23 / General

In the spotlight - food packaging materials


Yesterday, on 20 May, a meeting with representatives of Lithuanian Packaging Association took place in the State Food and Veterinary Service. The objective of the meeting was to discuss major problems faced by enterprises producing food packaging materials.

2014-05-21 / General

In the opinion of scientists, exemplary measures to rein in African swine fever have been applied in Lithuania


After two cases of African swine fever were detected in Lithuania late in January, no more infected wild boars have been discovered so far. Yet, there is still a potential risk that this dangerous disease might reach pig establishments. For this reason yesterday, on 19 May, the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) invited scientists from the Veterinary Academy of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS) and Faculty of Natural Sciences of Vilnius University as well as specialists of Nature Research Centre, National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute (NFVRAI) to present their opinions on the currently applied measures and the new action plan to preclude the disease from spreading.

2014-05-20 / General

The requirements for small EU companies have been relieved


According to the European Commission, it is necessary to support small producers of the European Union and to encourage business people to set up small companies by applying alleviated requirements of various regulations. The specialists of the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) will present means to lighten the burden for small companies. The SFVS together with the Italian company “Opera” have won the European Commission-funded competition and will organize the training “The requirements of flexibility complying to companies”.

2014-05-15 / General
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